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Kellie Pinkley



Hello! My name is Kellie Pinkley. I am a Michigan native who moved to Virginia In March of 2022 to become a student at Beauty for Ashes. I came here with my two children: Lauren (3) and Garrett (3). This program was the catalyst for a deep relationship with our Lord and an inward transformation that has been remarkable, to say the least. My experience has truly been life-changing and filled my once-hopeless heart with gratitude and a purpose for life. Whilst working through the program I felt the Lord calling me to use my skills and experiences to help others with life-controlling issues such as addiction and mental health disorders. I have joyfully accepted an internship position with Beauty for Ashes and praise God I can give back to the ministry that gave so much to me. I am hiking with the Beauty for Ashes team as a first-timer and look forward to the challenge, the fellowship, and the solitude of spending time with the Lord in His beautiful Creation. Thank you for your interest and Support. God bless!

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