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Mary Horn


Hello! My name is Mary Horn and I live in Lynchburg, VA. My sister Jessica and her daughter Scarlett graduated from Beauty for Ashes in May 2017. My sister Jessica passed away suddenly in September 2020 from heart failure. I know that she is in heaven with Jesus now. I cannot express my thankfulness enough to Beauty for Ashes for helping my sister heal during a difficult time she went through and helping her grow in her relationship with the Lord. I will always remember the day she got baptized and the joy that was on her face. Beauty for Ashes helped her find comfort in the Lord in her short life, and I will never forget that. I know that she is with Jesus and experiencing pure, eternal joy in his love in heaven. I cannot wait to hear stories on the hike this summer about her and how much she enjoyed the hike in 2019. I am happy to spend time with my sister Julie and my brother Alfred who will be joining me on the hike in remembrance of our sister. I am excited to raise funds for the ministry that I know my sister deeply loved and that helped change her life. Thank you for donating to Beauty for Ashes and spreading the love of Jesus!


Thank you for partnering with me and for donating to Beauty for Ashes and spreading the love of Jesus!

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