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Nate Carbonaro



My name is Nate. I believe in King Jesus, along with the redemptive and regenerative power of his finished work on the cross. I believe in the Zello’s and their all-in GOD ordained mission to help Jesus save souls from the destructive power of sin and death. I believe in that mission because I’m a successful product of its work. On January 15th 2011, I died in my sin from the violent and destructive power of addiction. But GOD had different plans and gave me another chance. After a week in the hospital, in and out of intensive care, the Lord plucked me out of New Jersey and placed me on a horse farm in Fredericksburg Virginia. Into the safety and loving care of the Zello family. The rest is history. I’ve never been the same. Transformed by the power of God’s love that was poured out on me through this ministry. I went on my first hike ever while in the men’s program and I was in love. I have always loved the outdoors and grew up running bare foot through the woods with a stick. But on that first hike, I was able to finally see God’s glory and majesty in his creation and the work of his hands in everything. On the trail is where I belong. I’m joining this hike for the first time this year and could not be more excited to take part in helping to transform lives for the King. When the Lord gives you an opportunity to be a part of something special you take it! Thank so much for your help! 

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