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Ashely Garrett

1st Year Participant


Hello, my name is Ashley and I am a recent graduate of Beauty for Ashes. My daughter and I started the program in May of 2022 and by God's grace I was redeemed and set free from all my addictions and graduated in August of 2023. Ever since the day I stepped foot on that property my life hasn't been the same. Since graduation me and my daughter have been living an addiction free life and have never been happier. I have the amazing privilege to now be a staff member here at Beauty for Ashes and to show the love of Christ to anyone who is broken, just like I was. I now serve as much as I possibly can in my community and in my church. I'm also starting college in the fall for my one year ministerial leadership degree. I'm so excited to hike this hike and bring any awareness to this amazing ministry that God's hand is working through in so many ways.

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