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Hollie and Jamey Harmon



Hello! We are Jamey and Hollie Harmon (Team Harmon) and we live in Spotsylvania, Virginia. We’ve been married for 28 years and are the proud parents of three wonderful children, Lainey (25), Hayden (22), Ellie (18), and a slightly crazy Golden Doodle dog named Buddy. 

Our connection with Beauty for Ashes goes back to an outreach project our church did for Beauty for Ashes in getting the home ready for the residents - we actually put up the insulation in the basement; ironically, that is the location where Hollie “joyfully” volunteers every Monday and Tuesday. We both enjoy hiking and are thrilled to be jointing this group of “Mountain Movers.” In doing this hike, we will be inspired by those who we love and pray for each and every day! 


Thank you so much for supporting us on this hike! We appreciate you so much!

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